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Reiki Energy Healing



Reiki (ray-key) is a natural healing system that works through energy. The human body is an amazing energy field that flows when things are in balance and can become blocked when there is an imbalance. Imbalances can occur on many levels and often by the time physical symptoms show up, there are unaddressed emotional issues that may have persisted over a period of time. Reiki sessions will assist you in feeling freer in your body, reducing muscle tension and pain, relaxing the nervous system and returning to a more fluid and relaxed state of being. Clients dealing with stress, physical pain, depression, and chronic illness have benefited from Reiki sessions. 



 While fully clothed, laying down on a body work table, you will be guided by the healer into deep relaxation and prepared for Reiki energy healing. By placing hands on or above the seven main chakra energy centers, Reiki energy (also known as universal life force or prana or chi) is drawn in by the client from the practitioner to the areas in need of healing. Reiki can help reduce stress, pain and emotional suffering. It can help assist the body's own natural healing abilities and speed up recovery from surgeries or injuries.



Reiki energy healing, is currently being used in the medical, psychiatric and wellness professions worldwide. it is not intended to replace medical care, but to compliment it naturally. 


FREE Initial, 30 minute consultation,

by phone or in person.

One hour in office session $75   

Private Pay Clients Only

No third party insurance accepted.

Accepting, cash, credit/debit cards, checks, money orders, flex spending, gift cards.

Cancellation Policy:

If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please cancel by phone within 24 hrs. or be charged a full session fee.



In Office Reiki Session


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Payment is due on or before your Reiki session, unless other payment options or billing have been offered. Thank you.