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How long will it take me to heal my issues through counseling, Reiki or a combination of both?

Each client and their issues are very unique. There are a lot of factors in this question. How much personal work you've done, the length of time of the stressful situation, your willingness to commit to sessions and the work involved to heal.

How does Reiki help with emotional issues?

Reiki helps on several levels. Just by calming the nervous system alone can help with clearing or calming emotional issues. Reiki can also help us with blockages or trapped energy. There is an old saying, our issues are in our tissues!

How come you can't bill insurance?

I am not a licensed therapist so therefore am unable to bill third party iinsurance. I do however take several types of payments including employer driven flex spending accounts.

What can I do to help myself outside of sessions?

You can work on any homework assignments that were given to you. Read personal growth, self help articles and books. Practice the power of NOW and live one day at a time. Call or message for help during hard times. Seek additional care, support through a clinician or support group.